Tricia Nester

Academic Administrative Assistant

As Dr. Gupta’s Academic Coordinator, Tricia handles his teaching, and speaking schedules. Every year, Dr. Gupta is invited to speak at meetings and conferences across America and around the world. Tricia helps him prepare for those by putting together his PowerPoint presentations; from those, Dr. Gupta teaches other surgeons about his cases, treatments, and research.  Tricia also maintains this website, handles reimbursements and keeps his surgical logs.

Patients won’t have much interaction with Tricia because she focuses exclusively on his academic work. Tricia graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a degree in Speech Communication. She lives in Belleville, IL with her husband and three sons.

“It is a privilege to be working for such a world renowned physician.   I am fortunate enough to be able to open all the letters and cards Dr. Gupta receives from patients from all over thanking him for making their lives better.  The impact that he has on them through his kind and calm demeanor makes me absolutely love my job.  I am so proud to work at Washington University School of Medicine and to be part of the Orthopedic team.”

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