Testimonies from Patients and Family

Spine Pain relief
Shrine Patient
14 years ago you fused by spine and saved my life at Shriners in Sacramento.  I just wanted to tell you thank you. C.B.
Barnes revision patient
I cannot sing Dr. Gupta's praises enough.  I have idiopathic scoliosis. I had problems off and on for many years, but it was only diagnosed at the age of 57.  At that time I had spinal fusion of the lumbar area and I was okay for about 10 years, but then people started asking me why I was standing crooked and I noticed when I would go by a mirror in a store, I seemed to not only be standing crooked but also bending over a little and people were also asking me all the time if my back was hurting. I finally made an appointment with Dr. Gupta.  I was scared, surgery recovery had not been easy and now I was 20 years older.  Dr. Gupta's team immediately put me at ease and assured me that Dr. Gupta was a caring doctor.  That was an understatement.  I had reconstructive surgery of the lumbar area and then fusion up to T-4 in 2016.  The surgery has been a wonderful success.  I stand very straight and have absolutely no pain!  Dr. Gupta is not only an extremely talented physician, but one who cares immensely about his patients.  That compassion is contagious and it is evident by how his team works with you from the beginning.  How blessed I was to have made that call.
Barnes patient
Dr. Gupta, I would like to thank you for the 5 year post-operation appointment I recently had with you.  It is so uplifting to have a doctor who truly care about his patient's severe symptoms, but also our lives outside of scoliosis.
Barnes patient
Thank you for your care, compassion, concern and for giving me back the ability to walk and enjoy life. My family and I really appreciate all you've done and the professionalism and compassion in which you've shown me.
Barnes patient
I, myself, my husband and family thank you tremendously for all your thoughtfulness, great skills and assistance throughout the surgery. You are a wonderful, intelligent, great physician. "Great carpenter" and we all love you and your crew.
Barnes patient
My eternal gratefulness to you.  No pain pills AT ALL.  I enjoy walking with my best friend.
St. Louis Children’s Patient
It has been a month since you performed a successful surgery on our daughter.  We are very thankful for the surgery you did and reliable care you provided.  She is healing well and fast.  She is getting back to her daily routines and very happy that she gained 2" in height.  We will always be grateful for your excellent works.
Wife of Barnes patient
Let me just tell you, when you are not in the medical profession, and you see the care and consideration that Dr. Munish Gupta and Barnes Jewish Hospital show your family, you just want to tell everyone how much you love them.
Barnes Patient from the West Coast
Dear Dr. Gupta, Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for the correction of my scoliosis and for the extraordinary skill and professionalism of your team.   From the careful preparation in advance of the surgery through my entire hospitalization afterward, I always felt important and loved.  Beyond your skill, it is your wise advice, your gentle manner and your generosity that stay with me.
W.B. Barnes Patient
I want to thank you for your medical expertise, but of equal importance, your care and concern and love for your patients. I am honored to know you and call you my doctor and friend.  I thank God for having created you with your amazing skills and compassion for your fellow man.
K. L. Barnes Patient
I first visited Dr. Munish Gupta a year after a cervical spine fusion that done by another physician who was not part of Washington University/BJC system.  Sometime after that surgery, I began to notice that my chin seemed closer to my chest, I was always looking out over the tops of my glasses instead of through them and I had a large double chin.  I was not sure that I had a problem and felt like could be my imagination.  Dr. Gupta assured me that it was not my imagination - my diagnosis was kyphosis- a forward curvature of the spine.  I had surgery in April 2017 and I couldn't be any happier with the outcome.  I stand up straight and I have gained back 1 1/2" in height.  I feel like a new person with a renewed spirit and it is because of the surgery so skillfully performed by Dr. Gupta.  His staff is also absolutely wonderful and they are very caring toward the patient.  I love Dr. Gupta-he changed my life and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who a has a back problem.  Skip the rest and go to the BEST!  I did.
St. Louis Children’s Patient
Dear Dr. Gupta, I wanted to wait to write you a letter for when I started to feel like myself again.  Now that I am beginning to seem normal, I can appreciate the surgery so much more.  The little pain I get here and there doesn't compare to the way I felt when my spine was curved.  To me, that is incredible.  I was already thankful that the procedure went so well, but now I'm just glad I went through it.  It really was worth the touch recovery because it made me stronger.  I could have been struggling every day to stay on my feet if we had waited any longer to go through with it.  I just want you to know that I feel very lucky to have been your patient and I respect you and the incredible things you do for people like me.  Thank you!
R.S. Barnes patient
Thank you for everything you have done for me.  From the first time I met you, I felt confident that you would get me through this whole scary process step by step.  You were not the first doctor I consulted, but the only doctor I considered to straighten my spine.  I loved it when Becky would say, "Dr. Gupta wants no surprises in surgery" as the would schedule me for yet another set of x-rays or MRI's.  Thank you for being in St. Louis at Barnes when I needed you.  I know you are world famous and will go on to change spine surgery across the world.  You have changed my life and I will always be grateful.
St. Louis Children’s patient
Thank you, Dr. Gupta, for a successful spinal fusion surgery. Your care for and attention to our son was incredible.  With much love and thanks.  L.M. family
J.M Barnes patient
I am a living testimonial to your remarkable talents.  We are so appreciative for everything you and your team have accomplished for me, and we couldn't feel more blessed.  Thank you for who you are and all that you do.  With so much gratitude, love, and warmest regards.
R.F. daughter
Dear Dr. Gupta and team, This is just a small token of appreciation for everything you have done for my dad.  You have given him a whole new outlook on life.  As you may recall, he was very depressed and despondent.  He assumed that was how he had to live his life, in complete pain, managed only by an abundance of pain meds.  When you told him that his back was fixable he felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of him.  At first he did not want to go see you but now he thanks me all the time. So now from the bottom of my heart I thank you.
Barnes patient
"Before my surgery, I couldn't walk unaided or do anything without pain.  My quality of life was poor.  Everyday life was a struggle.  Six months after my surgery, I can live my life without so much struggle.  I can do a lot unaided now.  Dr. Gupta has completely changed my life for the better.  My prayers were answered when I met him." J.D.
St. Louis Children’s Hospital patient
"My experience with Dr. Gupta was amazing!!!  He took my curve and made me straight, he's awesome" K.D.
J. D. Barnes Patient
Thank you for performing my surgery.  After my first visit I knew that you were the surgeon I needed.  I am excited about my progress and future.  You are a gifted surgeon and I am a lucky patient.  Thank you!
C.P. Barnes Patient
"When I went to Dr. Gupta I was in severe pain and could hardly walk.  I had been to other spinal surgeons who could not diagnose me.  Dr. Gupta immediately knew I was very ill and took action ASAP.  I was very pleased at the caring care Dr. Gupta, staff and team took when I had my surgery.  I now have no pain and can walk.  Thank you Dr. Gupta, you saved my life and trust in a wonderful surgeon."
R.T. Barnes patient
Thanks for moving my surgery up when I was really feeling bad and relieving my pain.
C.P. Barnes patient
Thanks for saving my life.
D.N. Barnes Patient
My visit with Dr. Gupta has been wonderful, very professional and informative.  My back surgery was 4 months ago and I am so pleased with the outcome of the surgery.  The quest for a surgeon for a year was very disappointing.  I was turned down for back surgery on the sole reason of my being 65 years old.  Dr. Gupta didn't hesitate to do the surgery and very successfully.  Thank you Dr. Gupta.
J.H. Barnes Hospital, St. Louis
My occupation is  heavy construction.  I started having back pain in 2010 and suffered four and half years.  In severe pain to the point of being one step away from a wheelchair.  I thought my life was over, for good.  I was referred to Dr. Gupta and that was the luckiest day of my life.  He performed surgery and like a miracle he saved my life.  Now no pain at all.  I am only two months post op.  I was seen by many specialists, but they would not attempt.  Dr. Gupta did not hesitate and now I have the complete ability to get my life back.  Thank you Dr. Gupta, my best friend.
I want to apologize in the delay sending you this email.   The care my husband received when he was at Barnes during and after his spinal fusion surgery was absolutely flawless.  Your attention to every detail and your warm personality made the visit feel far less traumatic for all of us.  Thank you for doing such a great job. The team on that floor were also outstanding and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the BJC patient care system. Thanks for everything you did for us and your follow up.  You are a gem and patients and their families will have a more positive and healing outcome thanks to your wonderful care and concern. Have a wonderful holiday season! Warm regards, G.E. and M.E.
I received a phone call today from the wife of your male patient.  L. H. is back in Wisconsin and recovering well after being in St. Louis for the past 8 weeks.  His wife wanted to let me know that during his stay at BJH in October 2015, they received "wonderful, awesome and professional" care.  She stated "they even knew when you needed a hug."  The staff in the PACU helped calm her nerves before both surgeries.  She also stated that Dr. Gupta's bubbly personality when rounding on her husband in the ICU was refreshing.
Dr. Gupta has given me a new life. My case was pretty complicated but with his expertise he was able to give me maximum correction. He is very passionate to treat the patient in best possible way. He is very humble and takes care of a patient like a friend. I would forever be grateful to him for giving me a new life. He is an angel to me. May God bless him and his family with all the happiness of the world.
A. E.Patient
One of the best doctors I have ever had. He took great care of me.
S. R.Parent
Dr. Gupta, you are the best doctor in this field! We cannot thank you enough for all your excellent work and assistance you offered us during my son’s surgery. We are grateful and we wish you the best in Wash U.
N. R.Patient
Thanks a bunch — hope you like Washington University!
H. E.Parent
My son has been under Dr. Gupta’s care for six years. At 2 years old my son needed growing rods placed. Dr. Gupta always made me feel so safe with my son under his care. He is not only an amazing surgeon but also an absolutely wonderful person. Thank you for all you have done for my family. We will miss you.
L. C.Relative
It’s been 2 years and she is doing great. No complaints about her spine. Dr. Gupta and his team did a really amazing job. Thank you so much.
J. W.Parent
The diagnosis and recommendation for surgery were shocking and overwhelming. Our family is so blessed with the care received by Dr. Gupta. My daughter had an amazing outcome and after only a couple of months, is better than ever.
M. G.Patient
Dr. Gupta made the experience so much easier for my family and me.
S. S.Patient
Dr. Gupta is the greatest doctor I have ever known. I wish he was staying at UC Davis.
X. L.Patient
He takes care of me well. And he is a nice guy.
M. C.Patient
Thanks Dr. Gupta for your treatment and advice.
E. B.Patient
Best surgeon ever!
R. S. and C. S.Parents
Thank you for everything you have done for our two sons. We will be eternally grateful.
K. M.Parent
Our care with Dr. Gupta was life changing for our daughter Auburn. His expertise in scoliosis surgery has given her a new lease on active life. We recommend him to everyone. He is AMAZING!!
C. G.Parent
Dr. Gupta performed spinal surgery on my son, who had a very significant curve from his neck to his tailbone. There was minimal scarring, and the quality of workmanship is excellent. Ethan received the very best of care from pre-surgery through post-op. Dr. Gupta was also available for consultation and on call. My family will miss him dearly. Thank you Dr. Gupta for everything you did and were able to provide for my son.
G. S. and L. S.Parents
As parents, we are very grateful to Dr. Gupta for his care and concern for our daughter. We appreciate the fact that he understands how stressful surgery can be from the parents’ perspective. We will miss him very much, but wish him and his family the best on their new adventure!
J. N.Parent
An absolutely caring and fabulous doctor that saved my daughter’s life. You couldn’t get a better doctor than him!! We should know. We have been with him since 2006! Thank you!
D. A.Patient
Dr. Gupta fused 16 vertebrae and made me a whole new man. He’s a great man, and I’m very grateful for what he did for me.
J. B.Patient
Excellent! And always with a smile .
W. P.Parent
Dr. Gupta and his team did an amazing job correcting with curvature of my son’s spine. The results are better than we expected. Recovery was difficult in the beginning, but we are now 6 weeks post surgery, and he is starting to resume regular household activities. Thank you Dr. Gupta for all of your encouragement and support during this challenge.
J. T.Patient
The degree of pain relief has been so great that I now know I should have had this surgery sooner. Dr. Gupta told me what to expect and he was exactly right. Wash U is getting a wonderful surgeon.
B. B.Patient
Absolutely fantastic! Love him!
M. O.Patient
I love him! Excellent work. I’m a new person thanks to Dr. Gupta.
D. G.Patient
Dr. Gupta provided amazing care. He performed a very long and complicated surgery, the results of which were better than I could have imagined. I would recommend him for anyone looking for spinal care.
E. M.Patient
Thanks for everything!
G. L.Patient
Outstanding, life-changing results from 3 surgeries with Dr. Gupta
C. B.Patient
He is a life-saver and has kept me walking all these 18 years. I have been blessed.
S. K.Parent
My daughter had a wonderful surgery. Thank you!